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2015 SIA Perspectives

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SIA Perspectives – 2015 Quarter 4

While it is impossible to ignore the downturn in stocks globally in the first three weeks of 2016, it is essential to review 2015’s results and the underlying factors that impacted performance for the year. This review will also provide the positives of a long-term perspective, which is critically important given ongoing financial market volatility.

SIA Perspectives – 2015 Quarter 3

Our last SIA Perspectives highlighted another quarter of gains, which pushed the market value of most portfolios higher for the 1st half of 2015. However, performance results during the 3rd quarter reversed this trend and provided significant month-to-month volatility.

SIA Perspectives – 2015 Quarter 2

With this 2nd quarter SIA Perspectives, we highlight yet another quarter of gains for most portfolios, despite asset classes generating a range of positive and negative performance. Combined with the solid results generated in the 1st quarter, 2015 has been a reasonably good year.

SIA Perspectives – 2015 Quarter 1

Following solid returns posted in 2014, the 1st quarter of 2015 provided another reason for investors to cheer as they review additional increases in the market value of their portfolios. The gains posted by most financial markets to date in 2015 were generated with great volatility as returns bounced month-to-month from negative to positive or vice versa.

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