10 Top Scams Targeting Seniors

Frauds perpetrated against senior citizens are estimated to cost victims $2.9 billion each year. The Senate Committee on Aging, which operates a hotline for reporting such frauds, recently published a report showing the types of senior frauds that were reported most frequently in 2018, when more than 1,500 people called the hotline. Authorities estimate that they uncover 1 out of every 24 cases of senior fraud. 

Although these scams are aimed at seniors, we all need to be aware and vigilant. 

Click here for a list of the Top 10 Scams Targeting Seniors.

Anyone with information about suspected fraud can call the toll-free fraud hotline at 1-855-303-9470, or contact the Committee through its website located at http://www.aging.senate.gov/fraud-hotline.