Accessing & Viewing Client Portal

As we continue to prepare for the enhanced security and efficiency of delivering reports tomorrow via the new portal*, we are providing additional information regarding the mechanics of this implementation.

A first step to coordinate this procedure for our clients is to ask that only one person register for a portal tomorrow when you receive the registration email.

Once the first registration takes place, that person may share the login and password information at their discretion, or you may request additional portals by contacting us.

For Individuals:

  • In the past, if the family received one set of reports each quarter, please establish one portal with one password and share that information as necessary.
  • In the past, If the family received separate mailings at the same address, please register separately.

For Corporations or Institutions:

  • In the past, If SIA’s reports have been sent to multiple individuals, we ask that only one person register. This person may then determine whether to share the login information with others and/or direct us to establish additional portals.

For additional portals, please contact Missy Vella at (502) 895-0122 or

We again provide the link to the Registration User Guide. Tomorrow, you will receive the “Registration” email. Please take a few minutes to complete your registration in anticipation of our quarterly mailing being sent to the portal tomorrow. When you register there may not be anything in your portal. We will notify you when your reports are uploaded.

User Guide – Registering Your Account

If you choose, you may continue to receive our paper reports via the United States Postal Service. Please contact Missy Vella to handle your request.