Phone Crime: This Can Happen to You!

While cybercrime headlines have dominated recent news, we urge clients, friends and associates to remember the perils of common phone scams.

Of most concern is the recent, real-life call to SIA from a panicked client whose grandson was allegedly arrested for drunk driving while returning from a wedding after hitting the car of a pregnant woman.

The location was six hours away, the caller was the “lawyer” representing the grandson behalf of the legal aid society and, if the grandfather refused to bail him out immediately, the grandson would be sent to jail for three weeks. In addition, the lawyer had the grandfather speak to the “grandson” who then begged him not to tell his father. When asked why he didn’t sound like himself, the grandson gave the excuse that he broke his nose in the car wreck.

There was no way for our client to know where his grandson was at that exact moment.

The client wrote down the lawyer’s information and immediately called us to ask for our advice. We calmed the client and within minutes were able to determine that this whole story was a scam. However, the emotional damage to our client and the potential loss of money to alleviate the grandson’s plight, compelled us to share this story.

ANYONE can be scammed. Although the main target for telephone scams are typically seniors, often in the middle of the night, no one ever really knows how they will react, especially when put in a situation where a loved one is at risk.

The most important thing to do is to write down the information, take a deep breath and then call someone who can be objective and think less emotionally.

We suggest STRONGLY that you click on the “Common Phone Scams” link below to view an article about many of the most recent telephone scams. Please read and learn how to protect yourself and others.

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