Markets “Spring” Forward with April News

Financial markets celebrated good news during the month of April with a “Spring” forward that surprised most investors, after the poor results posted for this year’s first quarter.

Good news includes data indicating success in “flattening of the curve.” In investment jargon, this expression generally refers to actions in the bond market that reflect a narrowing in the yields offered between different maturity dates. However, like many things, COVID-19 has impacted traditional definitions.

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The “Goldilocks Economy” Disappears

Because we realize that you may not have had the chance to register for your new portal over the weekend, below you will find a link to our most recent version of SIA Perspectives.

SIA Perspectives Q1 2020

Accessing & Viewing Client Portal

As we continue to prepare for the enhanced security and efficiency of delivering reports tomorrow via the new portal*, we are providing additional information regarding the mechanics of this implementation.

A first step to coordinate this procedure for our clients is to ask that only one person register for a portal tomorrow when you receive the registration email.

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Secure Portal for Reports

Stegner Investment Associates, Inc. (SIA) is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our clients.

To ensure that we practice safe “distancing”, we are introducing a new delivery method for our quarterly mailings. Rather than physically mailing or emailing your reports, we will be uploading them this Friday to a portal through NetClient CS, from Thomson Reuters*.   

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Some News is Good News

SIA is committed to enhancing our communication with clients during these trying times. Today’s correspondence outlines two adjustments to our traditional services.

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Bonds. Just Bonds.

This client correspondence serves as our weekly update regarding the fast-paced movements of financial markets, government central banks and the impact of each on portfolio performance. 

To echo the words of author Ian Fleming (author of the James Bond series of spy novels): 

“History is moving pretty quickly these days, and the heroes and villains keep on changing parts.” (1953) 

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What “Weapons” Have SIA Deployed?

Throughout the past few weeks, our team of associates has been actively addressing many market developments, which include the following:

  • Providing outreach to more than 40 investment professionals with whom we have placed approximately 80% of our clients’ assets.  
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Update to Money Market Funds

This week’s headline news has certainly highlighted lots of financial market volatility. SIA is committed to putting the most important events into context for our clients. 

During the past week, we have studied our client allocations to money market funds as these holdings in a portfolio are used to meet each client’s withdrawal needs during the next 12-18 months. 

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Continue to Keep Calm and Carry On

During these very volatile times, we address below a few questions that might be on the minds of our clients:

  • Can the financial markets continue to function if people are forced to stay home?
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Keep Calm and Carry On

Last week, previously complacent investors panicked with news regarding the spread of the coronavirus. Adding to their worries was the continued uncertainty of who will be the eventual Democratic presidential candidate and the future balance of power in Congress.

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