Retirement Plans

Why Choose SIA?

As an independent fee-only investment consultant, SIA is uniquely qualified to assist retirement plan clients through active management of investment managers.

  • Associates with a combined experience of over 100 years with detailed expertise in investment consulting.
  • SIA does not receive any compensation from fund managers that we recommend. Our investment recommendations are based solely on meeting our clients’ objectives.
  • Our knowledge and experience in mutual funds is extensive. Few firms, if any, match our level of expertise as mutual fund specialists.
  • We assume fiduciary responsibility for the investments in the plan.
  • We review your participants’ allocations and compare them to industry standards, ensuring your participants are fully empowered. For each review, we summarize and present our recommendations on how best to proceed.
  • We proactively communicate with the investment committee to ensure fiduciary responsibilities are being met.
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