Secure Portal for Reports

Stegner Investment Associates, Inc. (SIA) is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our clients.

To ensure that we practice safe “distancing”, we are introducing a new delivery method for our quarterly mailings. Rather than physically mailing or emailing your reports, we will be uploading them this Friday to a portal through NetClient CS, from Thomson Reuters*.   

Through this portal we will now be able to send, receive and store your financial information at a high level of security in your own personal file, accessible only through the password you establish. It will allow us to upload information for you to access easily, at any time, through SIA’s website. This is not a “real time” portal site. Its purpose is for only sending and storing your confidential information.

Soon, you will receive an email from “Register” which will link you to register your account. You must register your account to review your reports.

Remember to store the password that you create in a safe place as we will not have access to it. If you do lose your password, you can reset it through the portal.

Register as soon as possible by following the user guide link below to aid you with this simple process:

User Guide – Registering Your Account

We hope that this new safety measure for delivering information is easy to access and helpful to you. Thank you for adopting this new tool.

The Associates of SIA

If you choose, you may continue to receive our paper reports via the United States Postal Service. Please contact us and Missy Vella will take care of your request.