SIA Meets with T. Rowe Price Managers in Baltimore

As part of SIA’s due diligence, we conduct offsite visits to the offices of the fund managers that we select for inclusion on our Approved List. Last week Ruth Trautwein visited T. Rowe Price’s home office in Baltimore, MD. She was one of only three advisers who met with the “fund specialists” listed below:

These specialists are tenured members of each fund’s portfolio management team and serve as direct conduits between advisers and portfolio managers.

Ruth was also able to tour their trading floor to learn about their stock and bond trading divisions.

She remained in Baltimore on Thursday and Friday to attend T. Rowe Price’s conference with a broader elite group of advisers from around the country. The sessions that she attended help SIA gain additional information regarding fiduciary responsibility and learn insights from T. Rowe Price’s asset allocation team. Ruth also was able to have direct conversations with T. Rowe Price’s target retirement and stable value managers.

Face to face meetings allow SIA to ask very pointed questions directly to the managers to gain insight regarding their current strategies, as well as their expectations for the future. SIA is “thankful” for this opportunity and honored to be invited to be a part this group.