SIA Meets With Top PIMCO Manager

On August 18th, SIA conducted a virtual meeting with Tony Crescenzi, executive vice president and market strategist with PIMCO. Mr. Crescenzi is often featured on CNBC and Bloomberg television and radio.

Tony Crescenzi

As one of the world’s premier investment managers representing almost$2 trillion in assets, PIMCO approached SIA to learn more about ourinvestment committee’s structure and process. In turn, they shared with us some lessons learned by the operation of their own investment committee during the past 30 years.

As a member of PIMCO’s investment committee, Mr. Crescenzi provided insights that confirmed many of the best practices that SIA’s team already has in place.

As we have communicated in the past, a key component to SIA’s due diligence process includes in-person meetings with investment professionals from the firms with which we have entrusted client assets. 

SIA leverages information gathered from meetings like this to manage our client portfolios most effectively.