Some News is Good News

SIA is committed to enhancing our communication with clients during these trying times. Today’s correspondence outlines two adjustments to our traditional services.

1) Emotional Support:  As clients start to receive statements from their custodians dated March 31st, we are proactively providing an update of financial market performance which reflects significant improvements since the end of the 1st quarter. If you choose to look at the market value of your accounts, be comforted knowing that the balances have rebounded dramatically in the past few weeks. In fact, last week’s stock market performance was by some measures the best week in 47 years! 

Click here for a condensed version of our quarterly SIA Perspectives in advance of our typical communication and reporting that will be coordinated with you next week. Please take time to read as the results will be calming.

2) Safety: To ensure that we practice appropriate “distancing”, we are introducing a new delivery method for our quarterly mailings. Rather than physically mailing or emailing our reports, we will be uploading them to your own secure personal portal through NetClient CS, from Thomson Reuters.

Through this secure portal, we will now be able to send, receive and store your financial information at a high level of security. This portal will allow you to access information easily, at any time, through SIA’s website. Your information will remain confidential and protected. 

Early next week , we will send another email with a step-by-step guide of instructions to follow to easily register your account. 

Later next week , we will upload our full  SIA Perspectives  and your quarterly report to your personal portal.  (If you prefer that we mail the reports to you, please contact Tracey Trosper: 895-0122 or 

Fortunately, our team of Associates remains healthy and available to you, as we continue to split time between our physical and our home offices. 

SIA Perspectives Q1 2020 – Condensed